Because of the district's concern for parental rights, QCISD administration contacted UIL officials in Austin concerning parents' rights related to video recording their own children at athletic events. After almost three hours of discussion with these Austin UIL officials, we are happy to provide some updated positive information. 

What is allowed at athletic activities and events:

Parents may record their own children.

What is NOT allowed at athletic activities and events:

Parents may not record an entire game or event.

Parents may not post live-stream videos or otherwise broadcast games or events on the Internet/social media.

 Please remember that individual parent actions may cause the district to be disciplined by UIL. Thank you for your cooperation with these regulations as we strive to provide the safest environment possible for your children.

The Queen City School District wishes to clarify information that was recently posted on social media about the videoing of children at athletic events and activities.  Recently, a parent in another school, NOT QC, violated a UIL rule found in Sections 868 and 1208 of the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules.  The parent live-streamed video of a game on the Internet.  Another person got upset about the video being broadcast.  In dealing with the problem, the UIL rules at the sections listed below were cited.  As a result, schools and their District Executive Committees are put in the position of having to make known and enforce a UIL rule that has been in place prior to this incident but very loosely enforced.  

It is not the intent of Queen City Schools to create situations in which parents cannot have videos of their children participating in school events.  The school certainly understands that parents want to preserve memories of their children and their accomplishments.  However, individual actions by parents could result in the entire school being disciplined by UIL.

The specific sections from the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules are below.

UIL Constitution and Contest Rules Section 868 and Section 1208:



Charlotte Williams, Superintendent



Michael Baysinger Joins QCISD Staff as Athletic Director

Coach Mike Baysinger, our new Athletic Director, and his wife Jennifer have two sons, Michael Baysinger, III (better known as Trip) and Luke. Coach Baysinger, a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, has recently come to Queen City from Smackover High School in Arkansas but had previously worked at Liberty-Eylau High School and Atlanta High School. He said that he chose the path of education so that he “could impact the lives of young people through teaching the values of hard work, integrity, and discipline.” As a coach, he believes that his optimistic and passionate attitude will be a “motivator for young people in the athletics arena.” Coach Baysinger was a linebacker in college football and in high school was named First Team All-State Linebacker.


 Athletic Director


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