M.U.M.S. Cheerleaders Excel at Camp


The Morris Upchurch Middle School cheerleaders attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association summer camp at Great Wolf Lodge on August 3-6.  The squad worked diligently throughout the week learning new cheers, sideline chants, stunts and dance routines.  The squad earned a “blue superior” ribbon each time they were evaluated during the camp. On the final day of the camp, they competed in the U.C.A. Game Day competition as well as the Extreme Dance competition.  When awards were announced, the M.U.M.S. squad was named the Overall Most Improved Squad out of all junior high, junior varsity and varsity squads at the camp.  Cheerleaders for 2015-2016 are Claire Bates, Zoe Ebarb, Hannah Fitts, Julia Grogan, Madison Orr, Jayley Stringer, Lexee Whatley and Reagan Wright.   The mascots, Tarra Duck and Gracie Weeks, also worked on their skills throughout the week.  They received the coveted Mascot “Mushy” award for being the overall most spirited mascots as “Sugar & Spike”.   On the third day of camp, Claire Bates was also named an “All American Cheerleader”.  The cheer coach for Morris Upchurch Middle School is Tiffany Earnest.


cheer camp 1.jpg

Front (L-R): Zoe Ebarb, Madison Orr, Jayley Stringer

Back (L-R): “Spike” (Gracie Weeks), Lexee Whatley, Julia Grogan, Hannah Fitts, Reagan Wright, Claire Bates, “Sugar” ( Tarra Duck)

cheer camp 2.jpg


Front (L-R): Jayley Stringer, Reagan Wright

Middle (L-R): Zoe Ebarb, Lexee Whatley

Back (L-R): Hannah Fitta, Claire Bates, Julia Grogan, Madison Orr


cheer camp 3.jpg


Mascot: “Spike” (Gracie Weeks) & “Sugar” (Tarra Duck)

cheer camp 4.jpg


Claire Bates, “All American Cheerleader”